Arthur Graves


6’3" 215 lbs
36 years old
Father to 3 boys (Kale, Loran, Galen)

Arthur is a simple man born and raised in the town of Forlir. The middle child to a proud veteran and a slightly unstable and very religious mother. He was born to become like his father, but his passion for music was far greater and his thirst for knowledge and stories was nearly the equal.

He now runs a music shop making and fixing various musical instruments. Arthur loves to teach the youth of Forlir how to play various types of music and can weave incredible tales of valor and glory. Arthur is by far a town favorite and it is shown when many turn out to hear his musical playings at one of the local taverns on the weekends.

Arthur is also the proud father of 3 sons; Kale, Galen, and Loran Graves. Kale is the eldest and follows the followings and teachings of his father readily. Galen and Loran are twins that are 5 years younger with 2 very distinct personalities that challenge Arthur greatly. Although there has been a rift in the family with Arthur’s wife leaving. She still resides in Forlir however, just on the opposite end in a home the was recently made available with the passing of one of Forlir’s elders. Galen and Loran live with her while Kale chose willingly to stay with his father.

Arthur’s household though is not small by no means. For 3 years his nephew Aiden has lived with him and just recently Aiden’s step-brother Azriel has been allowed to live with him. Rarely are there not guest at Arthur’s home, either Deng and his family or one of the local boys who are like brother’s to Kale are always coming over for good times.

Arthur Graves

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