Azriel Tlaloc


5’10" 240 lbs
20 years old

Born and raised in the town of Forlir by his human mother, Azriel has grown up with a very laid back lifestyle. He has never had a chance to meet his biological father from whom he gets his elf ancestry from.

Azriel’s mother married Aiden’s father and in the last 12 years the or so, Aiden and Azriel have become very close. Were Aiden has always been the hard worker always willing to break a sweat, Azriel believes in working smarter, not harder.

Even with Azriel’s half-elf blood, he is not the smallest of people by far. He has a hearty appetite and has the mass to show for it. While not overly fat, he is still on the husky side of things. Even still, Azriel is quite dexterous. Not in an overly acrobatic sort of way, but more with his hands. This has proven very handy with his training with a bow and in his everyday life at his job.

Azriel works for the local alchemist and seems to have a found his career with it. The knowledge that it takes to make everything from a simple paltice to a complex green fire potion is very enticing for Azriel. The latter actually being one of Azriel’s own creations, by accident, but none the less profitable for the local alchemist. Azriel sees a great future for himself working with the alchemist, and one day taking over the buisness to really let it boom!

Azriel Tlaloc

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