Deng Kumahn


monk? possibly to be changed
5’10" 285 lbs
23 years old

Deng was born to a rather large family in Forlir, but was raised near the Barren Desert were his father hails from. He is in fact half-orc, as is the case with his 2 younger brother’s Tosh and Jori. Were his brothers have tall, lean, muscular builds, Deng has a very short, compact build. Only standing maybe 5’10", he is nearly 300 pounds. Very strong, and deceptively quick, Deng has earned great praise for his wrestling ability amongst the orc community.

Deng in his 18’th year met a wonderful human woman and currently is married to her. They have a young daughter now which is the light of Deng’s world. They live in Forlir and have seemed to make a pretty decent existance for themselves.

Deng’s origins, and looks, usually frighten most people upon first meeting of him. But most realize he has a big heart and is actually very friendly once they get to know him. Very quick witted, Deng can make even the most battle hardened vet bend over knee laughing.

Deng currently works as a delivery man for the local general store under Mr. Kiledas. He is perfect for the job, good with other merchants and to intimidating for many bandits and raiders to consider.

Deng Kumahn

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