Fuun-Ki O'glivy


21 years old
5’8" 210 lbs

Fuun is a soldier for the Dolganda gaurd. He joined pretty well the day he turned 18. He has learned much and has now set his sights on moving up. He has the strength to be one of the best soldiers and the charisma to lead men. Thats his goal and he wont give it up.

Fuun has lived in Dolganda pretty much his whole life with his mother. For many years he ran the streets with his best friend Aiden, causing all kinds of mischief, but they always had eachothers backs. Ever since Aiden was shipped off, Fuun has been trying to forge his own path and is happy with the results, but still wants more.

Always one that is good with the women, its never been hard for Fuun to find a woman to put under his arm for a short stint. But alas, something else he hungers for. Fuun does want to find that special woman, the kind he can start a family with and grow old. That just seems to be the story of Fuun’s life, its good, but he always wants more…

Fuun-Ki O'glivy

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